HyperDrive NET 6 in 2 USB C hub
HyperDrive NET 6 in 2 USB C hub
HyperDrive NET 6 in 2 USB C hub
HyperDrive NET 6 in 2 USB C hub
HyperDrive NET 6 in 2 USB C hub
HyperDrive NET 6 in 2 USB C hub
HyperDrive NET 6 in 2 USB C hub
HyperDrive NET 6 in 2 USB C hub

    HyperDrive NET 6 in 2 USB C hub

    Rs. 6,299.00 Rs. 8,499.00

    Simply plug HyperDrive to 2 USB C ports of MacBook Pro / Air and expand it into 6 ports.


    • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet port - supports 10/100/1000Mbps
    • 1 x HDMI supporting 1080@60Hz, 4K@30Hz
    • 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports – 5Gb/s data speed
    • 1 x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C supporting video up to 5K@60Hz or 2X4K@60Hz, 40Gb/s data and max 100W full speed power delivery pass through charging
    • 1 x Standard USB-C port – 5Gb/s data speed, max 60W power delivery


    • All MacBook Pro / Air models having USB C port
    • iPad Pro 3rd Gen (released 2018) with USB C port (both 11" and 12.9")
    • Microsoft Surface Go /Surface Book /Surface Pro 7
    • All Laptops / Tablets / Smartphones with USB C port

    Note - HDMI port will only work with those devices that support video output over USB C port


    Designed for convenience wherever you go, HyperDrive feels like a natural extension of the MacBook Pro with similar product lines and rounded corners.


      Easily extend the display of your MacBook to a monitor / TV using the high resolution 4K HDMI port or simply extend the display of your MacBook to 2 monitors using HDMI and Thunderbolt 3 USB C port at the same time.

      *HDMI port supports upto 4K resolution @ 30Hz

      * Thunderbolt 3 USB C port supports upto 5K@60Hz or 2 x 4K@60Hz video output


      Access to stable wired Internet connection speeds up to 1000Mbps. Also supports 10M/100Mbps networks.

      Enjoy fast downloads, watch movies or play games seamlessly through a stable wired network connection.

      Presence of RJ45 Ethernet port makes it an essential accessory at Workplace


        Connect keyboard, printers, USB storage drives and other USB devices to MacBook while using HDMI and Ethernet ports at the same time for full MacBook Pro optimization

        * Please connect 1 hard drive at a time.


        Only HyperDrive has two (2) USB-C power delivery ports that allow MacBook Pro/Air charging through either ports, allowing you to use all ports while charging your MacBook at the same time.

        *Thunderbolt USB C port supports upto 100W charging

        * Standard USB C port supports upto 60W charging


        Small sized, lightweight and easy to carry, it is a perfect solution for expanding the capabilities of your new MacBook. Easily the size of your palm, just place it in your pocket and carry it wherever you go.

        * A leather sleeve is included in the package to safely carry your HyperDrive



        HyperDrive may get hot while using as Aluminium shell effectively absorbs heat from the circuit and releases it into the air for fast heat dissipation


        About HYPER

        Based In Silicon Valley, California, Hyper focuses since 2005 on providing practical solutions in the field of connectivity and power supplies for portable computing. Hyper produces innovative and high-quality products, using the best components and official licenses.


          HYPER has been making award-winning Apple accessories since 2009. Hyper also has a long proven track record of delivering KICKSTARTER and INDIEGOGO projects and has raised around USD 10 millions in crowdfunding across all campaigns till date. HYPER products are sold in more than 60 countries and backed by people all over the world



            "HyperDrive might be the ultimate MacBook Pro dongle" - 9to5mac

            "The accessory fixes everything that's wrong with Apple's new MacBook Pro" - Cnet

            "HyperDrive dongle is the answer to MacBook Pro's biggest problem" - The Daily Do

            "One MacBook Pro accessory that will save you from dongle hell" - BGR

            "HyperDrive is here to save the day" - Tech Times


            Active Trade International is the only authorized partner for HyperDrive products on India. All claims regarding HyperDrive product replacement will be considered only if the product is purchased from Active Trade International

            If you have any problems, please contact our support team, call +91 96325 48118 / or message us directly through Amazon.


              Product FAQs

              Q. Can this HyperDrive model work with any brand laptops having USB C port ?

              A - NO, this HyperDrive is specially designed for all MacBook models having USB C ports only.

              Q. Does this HyperDrive hub fits into MacBook having protective case ?

              A- This Hyperdrive model mounts Flush on Side Of MacBook Pro for a more Stable Connection and Your Protective case will likely create a Gap causing loose fit/connection. It is recommended to remove the Protective Case to make sure Hyperdrive Sits Flush against the MacBook with no interference on the connection. If you wish to continue using protective case for MacBook, please choose a HyperDrive wired USB C hub model instead.

              Q.Ethernet port seems smaller than usual?

              A - The HyperDrive Net 6 in 2 Ethernet Port is a pop-up port, the top of the port can be lifted up gently to become a full ethernet port size.

              Q. External HDD / Pendrive / Apple SuperDrive is not getting detected when connected to MacBook using USB 3.1 port of HyperDrive

              A - This could be due to one of the following reasons -

              i) External HDD / pendrive is not having MacOS readable file storage format. Please change it to exFAT or any other Mac compatible file storage format. (Note - Most of the new external HDDs ship with NTFS as default file storage format which is readable in MacOS and doesn't support write operations)

              ii) Some HDDs require more power to operate and get detected. Due to hardware design limitations by Apple, USB devices can draw a limited power from MacBook. So, use a storage device that requires less power to operate (say 1TB or less)

              Q. Can HyperDrive's HDMI port work with a VGA monitor using HDMI to VGA cable ?

              A- NO, the HyperDrive HDMI port will work with a HDMI monitor only using direct HDMI to HDMI cable. Please make sure your Display is set to correct HDMI input source

              Q. Is it possible to connect 2 monitors to MacBook using HyperDrive

              A - YES, 2 monitors can be connected to MacBook using HyperDrive's HDMI port and Thunderbolt 3 USB C port. (Note - A monitor with Thunderbolt port will support connection with Thunderbolt 3 USB C port of HyperDrive using a Thunderbolt USB C cable)

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