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              7-in-2 USB-C Hub(2020 model)

              Rs. 5,499.00Rs. 9,999.00

              HyperDrive Power 9 in 1 USB C to Ethernet + HDMI 4K30Hz + 3.5mm Aux...

              Rs. 6,199.00Rs. 8,999.00

              HYPERDRIVE 3 in 1 USB C to HDMI 4K30Hz + USB A + Charge (max...

              Rs. 2,499.00Rs. 3,999.00

              Techati 7 in 1 USB C Gaming hub with 4K60Hz HDMI + ethernet + Audio...

              Rs. 4,399.00Rs. 6,999.00

              4-in-1 iPad Pro USB-C Hub

              Rs. 2,399.00Rs. 4,499.00

              HYPERDRIVE 4 in 1 USB C to HDMI 4K 60Hz + Dual USB A +...

              Rs. 3,199.00Rs. 4,999.00

              6 in 1 iPad Pro USB C hub

              Rs. 5,899.00Rs. 8,499.00

              10 in 2 Dual Video 4K HDMI USB C hub

              Rs. 6,399.00Rs. 10,999.00

              GEN2 6-in-1 USB-C Hub/Type C Adapter

              Rs. 5,899.00Rs. 7,999.00

              HyperDrive Dual 4K HDMI 10 in 1 USB C hub for MacBook, Windows Laptop, Chromebooks...

              Rs. 11,999.00Rs. 15,999.00

              HYPERDRIVE USB C to 8K 60Hz / 4K 144Hz HDMI HDR Video Adapter, Type C...

              Rs. 1,299.00Rs. 4,499.00

              Uni USB-C to USB Adapter Nylon Braided- 2 Pack

              Rs. 1,349.00Rs. 1,999.00

              Hyperdrive 7 in 2 DUO USB C hub (original Kickstarter edition) for Macbook Pro /...

              Rs. 2,499.00Rs. 9,999.00

              Uni Usb C To Usb C Usb 3.1 Type C 4K Video Monitor Cable With...

              Rs. 1,599.00Rs. 2,699.00

              USB-C to HDMI + VGA Video Adapter

              Rs. 1,899.00Rs. 2,999.00
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