TimeBox- Divoom
TimeBox- Divoom
Timebox - Divoom
Musical Smart Clock
Timebox - Divoom
Musical Smart Clock
Timebox - Divoom
Musical Smart Clock
Musical Smart Clock
TimeBox- Divoom
Musical Smart Clock
TimeBox- Divoom
TimeBox- Divoom
Timebox - Divoom
TimeBox- Divoom

    TimeBox- Divoom

    Rs. 4,599.00 Rs. 5,999.00
    • 5W DSP Fine-tuned driver
    • 121 programmable LED with over 256 available colors, demonstrate your pixel art creativity on the most vivid canvas by Divoom.
    • Professional sleep-aid and smart alarm
    • Built-in voice messenger and FM radio tuner
    • Social media notification, temperature sensor and more
    • Fine-crafted RGB LED gem 121 programmable LED / Thousands colors / Gem-style design
    • Bluetooth® 4.0 SMART
    • Support International bands / Wake-up alarm option / Sleep timer option
    • Record Voice Messages
    • Built-in microphone
    • Smart Alarm System
    • Social Media Notification options
    • Temperature sensor system.



    Inspired by Light and Sound

    The most intelligent pixel speaker by Divoom



    Great audio

    Packed with a 5-watts driver with passive radiator, 
    Timebox is fine-tuned with the latest DSP(Digital 
    Sound Processing) technology.

    Small for big

    Big technology packed in a compact form


    Bluetooth® 4.0 SMART

    Timebox is equipped with the Bluetooth 4.0 smart 
    transfer technology, where its improved stable connection 
    brings your favorite music in both indoor and outdoor areas.

    Pixel art creation

    Enjoy the classic fun with the most convenient and modern
    way. You can now create your own pixel art easily with the
    Timebox, as well as sharing your works with your friends




    Pixel art animation

    Did you know a classic animation is created by 
    linking the individual frames together? Be creative, 
    and make your own pixel animation on the Timebox.




    Visual & EQ effects

    Available with the different built-in visual and EQ effects, light up the party with the TimeBox’s dancing pixels




    Enchanted with both relaxing sleep-aid sound tracks 
    and the refreshing wake up alarms, TimeBox aims to 
    provide the best sleep experience. You can also set 
    your own pixel art, music and radio stations as your 
    personal alarms.


    Smart alarm

    We know waking up can be difficult, so we included
    many animated energized wake up alarms, as well as
    the option to play your music or FM radio. When the
    alarm goes off, your TimeBox’s smart alarm gradually
    increase both LED brightness and alarm volume, where
    you will feel energized to enjoy your morning.



    Mini Games

    Enjoy the endless fun on these mini-games 
    with your family. We will continue to roll out
    some retro pixel games

    Easy Control

    Adjusting the brightness by 
    shaking your mobile phone 
    or clapping your hands



    Cloud based Software 

    Continuously updating cloud based mobile app