TUBE 6 in 1 USB C hub - techati.com
TUBE 6 in 1 USB C hub - techati.com
TUBE 6 in 1 USB C hub - techati.com
TUBE 6 in 1 USB C hub - techati.com
TUBE 6 in 1 USB C hub - techati.com
TUBE 6 in 1 USB C hub - techati.com
TUBE 6 in 1 USB C hub - techati.com
TUBE 6 in 1 USB C hub - techati.com

    TUBE 6 in 1 USB C hub

    Rs. 4,999.00 Rs. 7,499.00
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    Universal USB-C hub for MacBook, Chromebook, and PC. This ultra-portable USB-C adapter adds 6 ports: USB-C power delivery, 3 x USB-A, 4K HDMI, and ethernet adapter.

    HDMI 4K30Hz
    3 x USB-A 5Gbps
    Gigabit Ethernet
    USB-C PD 60W

    Crystal Clear 4K 30Hz HDR Video Output

    Experience high-resolution 4K 30Hz video on HDMI displays (requires direct HDMI connection).

    Fast and Reliable Ethernet

    Get the most reliable and fast internet connection for work, play, and video conferencing.

    Quick-Charge with 60W USB-C Power Delivery

    Charge while you work or play, with USB-C pass-through charging.

    Triple USB-A Ports

    Allow USB-C devices to connect to legacy USB-A accessories. *Apple SuperDrive not supported.

    Seamless Color, Material, and Finish

    Aluminum enclosure designed to perfectly match your Apple device in every way.




    15.25 x 110.4 x 49.35mm
    0.60" x 4.35" x 1.94"


    80 g / 2.82 oz / 0.18 lb

    Compatible Devices

    2020/2019/2018/2017/2016 MacBook Pro
    2020/2018 MacBook Air
    2015 MacBook (12 inch)
    2020/2019/2018 iPad Pro
    2020 iPad Air
    Windows laptop with Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C*
    Chrome OS laptop with USB-C*
    Any other device with USB-C*
    * Requires DisplayPort over USB-C + charge + data
    USB-A ports will not support Apple SuperDrive or charge iPads.

    Crystal clear 4k hdmi video

    Easily share video from your MacBook, iPad Pro PC, or USB C device to compatible HDMI monitors / TV through the HDMI port of HyperDrive at crystal clear 4K video quality for a great viewing experience . Requires direct HDMI to HDMI connection between HyperDrive and monitor/TV. HDMI port will only work in those devices that support DisplayPort Alt mode over USB C (video out over USB C).

    Ethernet port for stable internet connection

    Access to stable wired Internet connection speeds up to 1000Mbps. Also supports 10M/100Mbps networks. Enjoy fast downloads, watch movies or play games seamlessly through a stable wired network connection. Presence of RJ45 Ethernet port makes it an essential accessory at Workplace.

    3 X USB 3.1 Ports

    With HyperDrive's triple USB 3.1 port, easily connect your MacBook Pro to a wide variety of USB devices like pendrives, external HDDs, keyboard, printers etc all at the same time. External USB storage drives should be in a system supported file format in order to access data

    USB C Pass through charging

    Allows USB-C device to be charged while using the USB-C hub at the same time. It means you can charge your MacBook while using other ports of HyperDrive at the same time.

    Universally versatile

    HyperDrive is compatible with a wide variety of USB C devices like MacBook, Chromebook, Ultrabook, iPad Pro (3rd Gen), Windows laptops, select USB C tablets and smartphones.